Terms & Conditions

01.Driving licence :(National or International)
02. Minimumrental / Coverstheft - one day (not hours)
03.In high season deliveries start from 8.30 a.m and collections the latest 9.00 p.m
04. Full insurance: Coverstheft if the bike was locked, and all repair costs in case of accident, minus a self risk amount which is:
  • 180 € for groups A & J
  • 280 € for groups B,C,D
  • 380 € for groups E,F
  • 480 € for groups G,I,I1
  • 550 € for group H
05. Tyres wheels and damage to the underside of the bike are not covered by any insurance.
06. Gasoline and oil are paid for by the customer
07. All credit cards are accepted
08. All traffic fines during the rental period are exclusively under the responsibility of the client